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Weir State School publishes a whole school newsletter each Wednesday and a year level newsletter each term. The youngest member of the family will be given the newsletter to take home. View past and current newsletters (in PDF format) below.

Please contact the school​ if you are having trouble viewing the documents and wish to receive a printed version.
term-4-week-10.pdfTerm 4 Week 10 Updateterm-4-week-1012/12/2018600 KB
term-4-week-9.pdfTerm 4 Week 9term-4-week-95/12/2018592 KB
term-4-week-8-.pdfTerm 4 Week 8term-4-week-8-28/11/2018395 KB
term-4-week-7.pdfTerm 4 Week 7term-4-week-721/11/2018634 KB
term-4-week-6.pdfTerm 4 Week 6term-4-week-614/11/2018759 KB
term-4-week-5.pdfTerm 4 Week 5term-4-week-58/11/2018745 KB
term-4-week-4.pdfTerm 4 Week 4term-4-week-431/10/2018618 KB
term-4-week-3.pdfTerm 4 Week 3term-4-week-324/10/2018919 KB
term-4-week-2.pdfTerm 4 Week 2term-4-week-217/10/2018967 KB
term-4-week-1.pdfTerm 4 Week 1term-4-week-111/10/20181257 KB
term-3-week-10.pdfTerm 3 Week 10term-3-week-1019/09/20181071 KB
term-3-week-9.pdfTerm 3 Week 9term-3-week-912/09/2018617 KB
term-3-week-8.pdfTerm 3 Week 8term-3-week-85/09/2018792 KB
term-3-week-7.pdfTerm 3 Week 7term-3-week-729/08/20181181 KB
term-3-week-6.pdfTerm 3 Week 6term-3-week-622/08/20181233 KB
term-3-week-5.pdfTerm 3 Week 5term-3-week-515/08/20181225 KB
term-3-week-4.pdfTerm 3 Week 4term-3-week-48/08/20181157 KB
term-3-week-3.pdfTerm 3 Week 3term-3-week-31/08/20181365 KB
term-3-week-2.pdfTerm 3 Week 2term-3-week-225/07/2018962 KB
term-3-week-1.pdfTerm 3 Week 1term-3-week-118/07/2018832 KB
term-2-week-11.pdfTerm 2 Week 11term-2-week-1127/06/20181076 KB
term-2-week-10.pdfTerm 2 Week 10term-2-week-1020/06/2018907 KB
term-2-week-9.pdfTerm 2 Week 9term-2-week-913/06/2018822 KB
term-2-week-8.pdfTerm 2 Week 8term-2-week-86/06/2018615 KB
term-2-week-7.pdfTerm 2 Week 7term-2-week-730/05/2018671 KB
term-2-week-6.pdfTerm 2 Week 6term-2-week-623/05/2018495 KB
term-2-week-5.pdfTerm 2 Week 5term-2-week-516/05/2018503 KB
term-2-week-4.pdfTerm 2 Week 4term-2-week-49/05/2018420 KB
term-2-week-3.pdfTerm 2 Week 3term-2-week-32/05/2018681 KB
term-2-week-2.pdfTerm 2 Week 2term-2-week-226/04/2018328 KB
term-2-week-1.pdfTern 2 Week 1term-2-week-118/04/2018297 KB
term-1-week-10.pdfTerm 1 Week 10term-1-week-1028/03/2018446 KB
term-1-week-9.pdfTerm 1 Week 9term-1-week-921/03/2018732 KB
term-1-week-8.pdfTerm 1 Week 8term-1-week-814/03/20181249 KB
term-1-week-7.pdfTerm 1 Week 7term-1-week-77/03/2018785 KB
term-1-week-6.pdfTerm 1 Week 6term-1-week-628/02/2018488 KB
term-1-week-5.pdfTerm 1 Week 5term-1-week-521/02/20181130 KB
term-1-week-4.pdfTerm 1 Week 4term-1-week-414/02/2018613 KB
term-1-week-3.pdfTerm 1 Week 3term-1-week-37/02/2018570 KB
term-1-week-2.pdfTerm 1 Week 2term-1-week-231/01/2018563 KB
term-1-week-1.pdfterm-1-week-1term-1-week-124/01/2018925 KB
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